National League for Nursing


Presented by Elaine Tagliareni and Barbara McLaughlin

Development of program outcomes that align with current workforce trends and implementation of a systematic evaluation plan are essential components for an effective nursing education program and accreditation. In nursing education, assessment of student progress to determine achievement of objectives for an assignment, a course, and program outcomes is a critical component of designing and implementing a curriculum plan. This course will discsss an approach to ongoing and systematic assessment and evaluation of a PN nursing program using the NLN outcomes and competencies as a guide.  Participants will engage with experts to explore the process of using data to inform decisions regarding program integrity and educational achievements.  Participants will be presented with a beginning framework to select learning experiences and evaluate program effectiveness. 

Objectives for the course: 

  1. Utilize the NLN PN outcomes and competencies to develop a program of learning.


  1. Identify the components of a systematic evaluation plan based on the NLN PN outcomes and competencies.


  1. Discuss how to implement a process to "live" the development of program outcomes and a systematic evaluation plan as an educational team.